Our Products

We are working on several products. We use Agile as well as traditional methodologies for the development.
Some of the products that we are working on are as follows.

EPACT - Production Tracker and Customer Management

Mountain View

EPACT is an Efficient Production And Components Tracking application. It tracks the production process as a Manufacturing Information System. It also interfaces with the Customers and Clients.

OpporMan: Opportunity and Customer Management

Mountain View

OpporMan enables you to keep track of the Customers and the Opportunities that your teams are working on.


Mountain View

LightMan is a LED Street Light Management solution, developed by Neti Software Services. It's an web based solution, can be accessed fromanywhere using browser.

SMS Commando: SMS Gateway and Manager

Mountain View

SMS Commando is an SMS Gateway and Manager developed for Android. Using SMS Commando, you can reduce / eliminate the need for third party SMS Gateway service providers.